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Hye Doon

Building the Body of Christ: Atlanta's Armenian Church is on a Mission



On Easter weekend in Atlanta​ Georgia, ​over two ​hundred​ Armenians​,​ who have been historically rooted in that metropolitan center for decades​,​ gathered once again at the Armenian Chapel in Hye Doon for commemorating the events of our Lord's Crucifixion Burial and Resurrection.


Leading the weekend worship and festivities, Father Garabed Kochakian  accompanied by Subdeacon Levon Asdourian​,​​ who is soon to graduate from St. Nersess Seminary, led the faithful in prayer. ​On ​Holy Friday evening the service remembering the Crucifixion and Burial of our Lord was commemorated.  Sunday morning saw  over 175 worshipers gather for the Soorp Badarak. Families with roots in Iran, Bolis, Baku, Armenia​, Lebanon , Greece, ​Syria, Russia, Iraq, Canada as well ​as ​many who have moved to the Greater Atlanta area over the years from established Armenian parishes joined in the Feast of Feasts, raising their voices in  singing with the Choir and shouting with joy the Easter Greeting Krisdos Haryav ee Merelotz, in Armenian, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Romanian and English. Atlanta is a great mix from many places.


Children joined the festivities for a traditional Easter Egg hunt ​and games, ​organized by the Church School​. A traditional ​​Easter repast​ was​ prepared by the Parish Council and ​the many ​volunteers. It was a joyful day indeed filled with Love for the Lord and regard and reunion for Armenians who traveled as​ ​​long as ​​an hour  ​to ​the Chapel at  Hye Doon to celebrate the Risen Lord and lay claim once again to their Faith-Heritage.


With the newly appointed Parish Council members, plans are underway for months of activities ahead, attending the movie The Promise, commemorating April 24​ to remember​ ​the New Saints of the 1915 Genocide, ​Sunday school and Armenian classes, ​and continuing Bible Study on Google Hangouts led by Der Garabed.